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9700 Power Meter

3-Phase Power Meter, Analyzer and Controller


The 9700 power meter provides more 3-phase power monitoring, analysis and control capabilities than any other panel-mounted, multi-function instrument available. All at a very competitive price. The 9700 is factory configured to perform all essential power monitoring functions. Take advantage of its modular, open-ended design to create unique functions and customize it to virtually any specific application. The 9700 has all the flexibility and power you need to keep you on top of your power system, now and in the future.

9700 Power Meter Features:

Cost Effective

Panel-mounted platform with many features of portable instrumentation

Simple installation


  • Revenue approved

  • True RMS voltage, current & power

  • Continuous sampling 128 times per cycle

  • Harmonics, K-Factor, Symmetrical Components, Power Harmonics Flow Analysis, Sag/Swell, Transient

Data Logging

  • Waveform, fault, sag/swell and transient recording

  • Scheduled or event-driven logging of more than 300 parameters concurrently

  • Sequence-of-events & min/max logging

Extensive I/O

  • On-board: 8 digital/counter inputs

  • Expand to 42 analog & digital I/O points

Powerful Setpoint Control System

  • Setpoint on any parameter or condition

  • Single-cycle operation


  • Up to five simultaneous ports

  • Ethernet to RS-485 Gateways

  • Alarm Dialing Capability

  • Flash-based firmware for easy upgrades

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