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9600 Power Meter

3 Phase Power Quality Meter, Web Server, Analyzer and Controller


The 9600 Power Quality Meter with web server technology delivers the industry's best pre-configured power quality measurements. Compliance monitoring, wave recording, number of nines, or any other out of limit detection is in the meter and ready for use from the initial start-up. Whatever out of tolerance measurement required by the latest data center comes as a standard on this advanced meter. Take advantage of the pre-configured sag/swell modules, data recorders and harmonic tools to find out immediately what your facility's electrical profile looks like. Use the set-point control functionality to alarm on over/under voltage conditions, peak demand, or over current. And have the meter send these messages via e-mail. Use the internal web pages to access real-time data over the Internet or incorporate the meter in a complete power monitoring system to help you save money, monitor equipment, and to aid in the planning of additional capacity.

9600 Power Quality Meter Features:


  • Voltages, currents, frequency

  • Harmonics to the 127th

  • Power

  • Exceeds class .2 revenue accuracy

  • Bi-directional energy, absolute, net

  • Demand, kilowatt or amp

  • Time-of-use

  • Transformer or line loss compensation

Disturbance Analysis

  • Transient Capture

  • Sag/Swell recording

  • Capture 14 cycles at 128 samples per cycle

  • "Burst" capture at ½ cycle intervals

  • Odd Even Total harmonics to the 63rd K-Factor and Crest Factor

  • ITI (CBEMA) Reporting, capture magnitude and duration of sags and swells

Data Logging

  • Log up to 320 parameters based on events or schedules

  • Coincident Min/max logging

  • Time synchronization via GPS


  • Ethernet 10Base-T or 10Base-FL

  • Two RS485 ports

  • Front panel optical port

  • Modbus RTU and DNP3.0

Digital Inputs and Outputs

  • Up to 16 digital inputs available

  • Count pulses for total utilities management, including gas and steam

  • Analog Inputs/Outputs

  • Pulse outputs for external energy tracking or control

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