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9350 Power Meter

Compact Power and Energy Meter

The 9350 Advanced Power Meter with web server technology packs power quality in a convenient cost effective package. With pre-configured sag/swell, harmonics and waveform recording, the 9350 comes ready for use from the initial start-up. Take advantage of the pre-configured sag/swell modules, data recorders and harmonic tools to find out immediately what your facility's electrical profile looks like. The 9350 advanced power meter can be ordered with switchboard hardware or as a retrofit kit designed to fit in existing GE S1 or ABB FT21 switchboard cases, making meter replacement that much easier. Use the set-point control functionality to alarm on over/under voltage conditions, peak demand, or over current. And have the meter send these messages via e-mail. Use the internal web pages to access real-time data over the Internet or incorporate the meter in a complete power monitoring system to help you save money, monitor equipment, and to aid in the planning of additional capacity.

9350 Power Meter Features:


  • Voltages, currents, frequency

  • Demand, kilowatt or amp

  • Time-of-use

  • Energy: Bi-directional, absolute and net

  • Harmonics to the 31st

  • Exceeds class .5 revenue accuracy

  • Transformer or line loss compensation

Disturbance Analysis

  • Standard memory capacity 5MB and Optional memory capacity 10MB

  • Log up to 50/800 parameters based on events or schedules

  • Coincident Min/max logging

  • Time synchronization via GPS


  • Ethernet 10Base-T or 10Base-FL

  • Two RS485 ports

  • Front panel optical port

  • Modbus RTU and DNP3.0 through serial

  • WebMeter, on board web server

  • MeterM@il, logged data and alarms via e-mail

Logging & Recording

  • Scheduled or event-driven Log up to 96 parameters

  • Coincident Min/max logging

  • Time stamps, 0.001 seconds resolution.

  • Standard memory capacity 300 KB

  • Waveforms logs, Maximum # of consecutive cysles per event is 48

Setpoints, Alarming, and Control

  • Setpoint on any parameter or condition

  • 1 second operation

  • Math, Logic, trig, log, linearization formulas.

Digital Inputs and Outputs

  • Up to 4 digital inputs available

  • Count pulses for total utilities management, including gas and steam

  • Analog Inputs/Outputs 0-20mA, 0-1mA

  • Pulse outputs for external energy tracking or control

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