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9330 Power Meter

Compact Power and Energy Meter

The 9330 provides more than 200 high accuracy 3- phase measurements, data logging, I/O and control, and multiport communications all in a compact and reliable panel-mounted meter. This economical, revenue-accurate power meter is ideal for use by industrial, commercial and institutional customers in applications as diverse as tenant sub-billing, budgetary cost allocation, feeder monitoring and outage detection. Combining the functionality and features of more expensive instruments with the versatility of a patented architecture, the 9330 is part of the most affordable solution for power system analysis.

9330 Power Meter Features:


  • Energy: Bi-directional, absolute and net

  • Demand: Sliding window, predicted, and Thermal

  • Harmonics:Individual and total harmonic distortion up to the 15th


  • Ethernet 10Base-T or 10Base-FL

  • Two RS485 ports

  • Front panel optical port

  • Modbus RTU and DNP3.0 through serial

  • WebMeter, on board web server

  • MeterM@il, logged data and alarms via e-mail

Logging & Recording

  • Scheduled or event-driven logging of up to 32 parameters

  • Sequence-of-events & min/max logging

  • Time stamps, 0.001 seconds resolution

  • Standard memory capacity 300 KB

Setpoints, Alarming, and Control

  • Setpoint on any parameter or condition

  • 1 second operation

  • Math, Logic, trig, log, linearization formulas

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