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9200 Power Meter

3 Phase Basic Power Meter for sub-billing, basic metering or cost allocation

The 9200 Basic Meter delivers the basics of power metering at a price to performance ratio unmatched in the industry. Replace multiple analog meters, allocate your energy costs, or implement a sub-metering system with the easy to use 9200 power meter. Available in multiple configurations, the 9200 power meter can answer any of your basic energy questions. Install it as a transducer with no display for a cost effective monitoring system. Use the remote display for easy mounting options or use it in its traditional form with the standard ANSI 4" cutout. The 9200 meter comes standard with RS485 Modbus/RTU communication and can be ordered with one of three measurement packages.

9200 Power Meter Features

Measurements Standard Package

  • Voltages (L-N), per phase

  • Voltages (L-L), per phase

  • Voltages (L-N), average

  • Voltages (L-L), average

  • Current per phase and average

Option #1 Measurements 9200DD "B-Version"

  • Standard Measurements

  • Energy, (kWhr) Imported/Exported Total

  • Power, (KW) Total

  • Maximum Power Demand (KW)

  • Current Demand, average and per phase

  • Neutral Current

  • Frequency (Hz)

  • Power Factor, (pf), Total

Option #2 Measurements 9200DG "C-Version" :

  • Includes all of the above

  • Per Phase Power (KW)

  • Per Phase (pf)

  • Reactive Power (KVAR) and Energy (KVARh) per phase and Total

  • Apparent Power (KVA) and Energy (KVAh) per phase and Total

  • Maximum KVAR

  • Maximum KVA

  • THD Voltage and Current, per phase

  • Energy (KWhr) Import/Export per phase


  • RS485 port

  • Modbus RTU

Digital Pulse Outputs (Oty 2)

  • Two Form A optional pulse outputs available for kWh, KVARh, and/or kVAh only

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