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4700 Power Meter


The 4700 power meter is an intelligent microprocessor-based, digital power meter designed for use in industrial and commercial applications where high accuracy and ruggedness are essential. The 4700 continuously collects, displays, and communicates real-time and min/max electrical data. Data can be viewed at a glance thanks to a high-visibility display. The 4700 power meter can be configured using the sealed membrane keypad on the front panel of the meter or you may view meter data or configure meter settings through communications with supervisory software, such as WinPM. The 4700's meter configuration is password protected.

The 4700 power meter provides clean, reliable power by integrating the many critical aspects of power metering, analysis, and control into one device. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional analog electromechanical metering devices. It replaces numerous individual transducers and meters, while still offering many features previously unavailable in power instrumentation. The 4700 offers the high accuracy, reliability, and ruggedness of its companion products, the 4720 and 4300 power meters.

4700 Power Meter Features:

Data collection and display

  • The meter performs high-accuracy, 3-phase measurements, including phase currents, phase voltages, average phase current, average phase voltage, amp demand, neutral current, kW, kW demand, kW hours, kVAR, kVAR hours, power factor, and frequency.


  • The meter offers standard setpoints. Setpoints allow you to configure the meter to perform specified actions based on register values and external signals. For example, you can configure the meter to record a waveform if the value in a specified device register exceeds a specified value. You can also configure the meter to control its relays based on a setpoint

Output control relays

  • The meter has three Form-C output control relays rated at 10 amps. You can control these relays manually or through a setpoint

Event logging

  • The meter automatically maintains a record of digital inputs, alarms, and relay activations. The meter attaches a date and time stamp to each event record.

Digital inputs

  • The meter has four digital inputs. You can use the inputs to monitor breaker status, protective relay status, or an external dry contact. You can also use the inputs as pulse counters.

Auxiliary voltage input

  • The meter has an auxiliary voltage input. You can use the input to measure an external variable, such as transformer temperature or battery voltage

Auxiliary current output

  • The meter has an auxiliary current output. You can configure output to be proportional to any measured value. You can specify the current range of the output to be 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA.

Supervisory control

  • The meter offers you the option of using WinPM or other supervisory software to configure, monitor, and control the meter.

Additional Features:

  • Extended Metering

  • Captures Min/Max Data From Each Parameter

  • Waveform Capture

  • 3 Programmable Output Relays

  • Programmable Analog Outputs for Inputs to SCADA, DCS, or Other Analog System

  • Accepts Discrete Inputs and Communicates Upstream

  • Large, Easy-to-Read, 20-Character Display

  • Communications Module Connects to ACCESS System

  • Configurable at Meter or Remotely Through Comm

  • Built for Industrial Environment

  • Microprocessor-Based Technology

  • UL Listed

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