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4300 Power Meter


The 4300 Power Meter is an intelligent power meter designed for industrial and commercial applications where high accuracy and ruggedness are essential. The meter continuously collects, displays, and communicates real-time and min/max electrical data. The 4300 power meter can be configured using the sealed membrane keypad on the front panel of the meter or you may view meter data or configure meter settings through communications with supervisory software, such as WinPM. The 4300's meter configuration is password protected.

The 4300 power meter is designed as an alternative to full- featured digital instrumentation packages. It provides high accuracy, high reliability, high transient surge, and Hipot-withstand capabilities. Voltage and current measurements are true RMS, including harmonics.

The 4300 power meter replaces standard analog meters and selector switches, and its unique two-module design simplifies wiring and reduces installation time. This unique design makes the 4300 power meter an ideal choice for economical metering on three-phase industrial and commercial switchboards and switch-gear.

A communications port lets you use the 4300 power meter as a stand-alone power monitoring station or as one element in a large energy-management network.

4300 Power Meter Features:

Data collection and display

  • The meter performs high-accuracy, 3-phase measurements, including phase currents, phase voltages, average phase current, average phase voltage, amp demand, neutral current, kW, kW demand, power factor, and peal kW demand.

Supervisory control

  • The meter offers you the option of using WinPM or other supervisory software to configure, monitor, and control the meter.

Additional Features:

  • Large, Easy-to-Read, 20-Character Display

  • Communications Module Connects to ACCESS System

  • Configurable at Meter or Remotely Through Comm

  • Built for Industrial Environment

  • Microprocessor-Based Technology

  • UL Listed

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