9410 Meter

The 9410 series meters are ideally suited to local and remote monitoring of low or high voltage electrical installations in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, utility networks or critical power environments. Facility and operations personnel will benefit in energy-related costs while avoiding power quality conditions that can reduce equipment life and productivity.

The 9410 series meter is easy to install and use, offering integrated or remote high-visibility displays. A range of expansion modules help match features to the application and support field-upgrading of meters as required. Serial and Ethernet communication enable the meter to be used within a WinPM.Net power management system or with third-party management systems.


  • Maximize profits by providing high output with the least amount of risk to availability

  • Improve availability and reliability of electrical systems and equipment

  • Monitor power quality (PQ) for compliance and to prevent problems

  • Meters fully supported by WinPM.Net power monitoring software

Typical Applications - Industrial, commercial and critical power - Energy savings

  • Measure efficiency, reveal opportunities and verify savings

  • Sub-bill tenants for energy costs

  • Allocate energy costs to departments or processes

  • Reduce peak demand surcharges

  • Reduce power factor penalties

  • Leverage existing infrastructure capacity and avoid over-building

  • Support proactive maintenance to prolong asset life

For electrical infrastructure - Energy availability and reliability

  • Improve transmission and distribution network reliability

  • Enhance substation metering to reduce field service time

  • Maximize the use of existing infrastructure

Power Quality

  • Verify compliance with new power quality standards

  • Analyze and isolate the source of power quality problems

Features and Benefits


Energy Management


■ ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2s

■ Energy Consumption

■ Economical Measurement

   - Energy Measurement

■ 9410 Waveform Capture

   - Commercial

   - Voltage +/- .1%

■ Customizable Webpages

   - Industrial

   - Current +/- .1%

■ Min/Max and Event Logs

■ Degree of Protection

   - Power Factor +/- .5%

■ Demand Control

   - Front - IP54, UL type 12

   - Sampling Rate 256/per cycle

■ Automation Integration

   - Rear - IP30

   - Individual Harmonics up to 63rd

■ Solution for LEED® credit

■ 600V Connected Voltage

   - Sags / Swells Detection

■ Monitors Critical Equipment

■ Customizable Displays

   - Programmable Math / Logic Function

■ Modbus Gateway

■ Email Alarms through Ethernet

■ Revenue Accurate

■ Modbus TCP/RTU

■ Field Addable Modules

   - Sub Billing

■ Modbus Master

■ Simple Retrofit Installation

   - Cost Allocation

■ Industrial Systems

■ Integration with Existing Systems

■ IEC 61850 Protocol

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