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9510 RTU

9510 RTU

The 9510-RTU unit can serve many uses throughout a facility. This low cost central display - data recorder can provide HTML web pages and customizable displays to allow easy access to the data and provide E-mail alarming for critical information. This multi-functional unit supports communications to any Modbus RTU device and digital / analog I/O, allowing the 9510-RTU to provide solutions for many different applications

Features and Benefits

  • Monitor breaker status changes with 1ms resolution

  • Collect, log, and scale pulse inputs from water, air, gas, electricity, or downsteam meters

  • Act as an Ethernet gateway for serial devices Display Modbus slave information and make available as a web page

  • Log and e-mail down stream Modbus device date

  • Display trip unit data from WL, VL, Static Trip III and SB-EC devices

  • Trigger and email alarms based on setpoint conditions

  • Display feeder energy information for LEED certification

  • Engineering service required to setup the 9510-RTU features

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