Siemens OPC Software FAQ

1) What OPC protocols does the WinPM.Net OPC server incorporate?

a. The OPC server incorporates the Data Access 2.05a protocol only.

2) How do I know if WinPM.Net OPC is sending data and that the quality of the data is good?

a. For version prior to WinPM.Net 3.2 please use a third party program like Iconics OPC Data Spy.  
For WinPM.Net 3.2
Go to following program:
 “C:\Program Files\Siemens\WinPM.Net\system\bin\IONSrvices.TestClient.exe” and run that executable. Click the tab on the left “OPC Tags” and another window will open. You will see all the OPC Tags that WinPM.Net is programmed to send. Double click the registers you want to verify on the left hand side and they should be transferred to the right column. Then press accept, the registers you selected will show up in the previous window with their data value and quality.

3) Does the OPC server in WinPM (ION.OPCDaServer.exe) run OK under Windows XP, SP3?

a. There is no known OS compatibility issue with 3.2 OPC service.

4) How can I expose WinPM.Net data to the OPC server?

a. You must have an OPC license in order to use the OPC server.
b. If you are bringing the data in using the Modbus Device Importer you can setup the OPC through the MDI by right clicking on the module and selecting OPC.
c. If you are using Designer then open up the Meter frameworks or VIP framework and right click on a module, you will see the OPC button on the bottom left.


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