Reduce system complexity, component count and cost while increasing efficiency. SINACON HC is the AC grid inverter that connects up to three DC sources (e.g., PV, batteries, etc.) simultaneously for clean and reliable power on  public grids.

Rely on SINACON HC – the efficient hybrid converter for innovative grid applications

SINACON HC is a ready-to-run grid converter with all required grid functionalities. This converter combines renewable energy source and storage within one unit for diverse applications. The innovative product concept with its high operational flexibility gives the user optimization benefits for on-grid and off-grid operation.

The SINACON HC converter’s universal capability combined with its high-performance architecture and advanced control features is the Siemens answer to the challenges of a rapidly growing distributed energy market.

Components are sourced from the U.S. and the widereaching Siemens global supply chain and assembled in our Alpharetta, GA, assembly center. U.S.-centered production makes it easy to confirm firsthand our quality materials and manufacturing process. It allows for shorter production timelines, transitioning quickly from specs to provisioning to an up-and-running installation. And if replacement parts are needed, they can be provided quickly and efficiently, reducing your risk of disruption to smooth delivery of power.

Impressive functions that make your decision easier

Hybrid converter concept with different DC sources

  • Independent operation of different energy sources in one converter

  • Scalable and flexible AC and DC power ports

  • Operational features for renewable energy sources, participating in grid support

  • System advantages in sizing, selection and engineering

Wide DC voltage range (100 – 1150 V DC)

  • Flexible for any kind of battery technology, such as lithium ion, redox flow

  • No limitation on battery voltage range according to the AC voltage

  • Wider PV voltage utilization for improved solar park output. DC Port can be controlled PV MPPT.

  • Best fit to combine any source with any voltage range

Optimized infeed technology

  • Excellent power quality (THDi<1.49%)

Certified in accordance with local grid codes

  • All the necessary approvals (All the necessary approvals 9i.e. UL1741, CSA 22.2 No. 107.1, BDEW, TAB HV) for operating on public grids. UL1741 SA pending.

Type-approved cabinet system that´s ready to connect

  • Proven Siemens quality with maximum reliability

Global service platform and remote control

  • Siemens offers service with over 295 offices in 130 countries.

  • Remote maintenance is possible using secure remote connections.

Equipped with greater efficiency – technical features of SINACON HC

Technical features of SINACON HC

Flexible configuration

Based on 250-A, 500-A and 1000-A building blocks that can be used in various configurations. Each block can be used as a DC interface or three times for an AC interface, and is always ready to connect with fuses and contactor or circuit breaker.

Available at grid interconnect power ratings of 250kw, 500kW and 1000kW. Multiple DC port configurations of 250A, 500A and 1000A can be selected.

High dynamic control

Reacts fast to the demand and changes from inductive to capacitive operation in less than 20 msec.

Siemens guarantee

Reliability for the long haul. Siemens has been supplying products and systems to the electric industry for over 150 years.

Superior reliability was confirmed by a rigorous type test in accordance with Siemens quality standards.

Siemens standard of superior services, availability, spare parts, and application support, all based out of our Alpharetta, GA, facility.

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