The Siemens P1 through P5 Family of Panelboard Products

This family of panelboard products represents the high level of engineering innovation expected from Siemens. With flexibility and strength added to the existing rugged and durable panelboard family, Siemens panelboards are extremely easy to install. These newer designs also simplify wiring and reduce material requirements, saving additional installation time. Siemens also offers unassembled panelboards, which are designed to meet shorter lead time requirements. Revised P1 series was launched in 2015.

Siemens new technology circuit breakers offer significant benefits and better coordination with upstream breakers that help meet 2011 NEC ® Code requirements for selective coordination. Siemens continues to add new breaker types with features and benefits that keep Siemens at the fore front of this industry. In 2015, the xGB breaker type series was expanded, and the new QR series is being launched in 2016. Also, new variations of AFCI and GFCI breakers are being introduced as the market requirements change.

Lighting Panels - Siemens P1/P2/P3/C1/C2 Series

Siemens Lighting Panels are the industry’s most flexible design and eliminates the impact of common mistakes like feed direction and main lug versus main breaker. The Revised P1 series launched in 2015 added many new features and options - see documents below for details.

  • The highly flexible P2 provides options to fit the most demanding specifications.

  • Sized more like a Lighting Panel, the P3 packs the power of a distribution panel in a space-saving, highly flexible design.

  • C1/C2 Column Panels are a special narrow design for challenging locations with enclosures only 7-5/8" wide x 5-3/4" deep for C1 and 8-1/2" wide x 5-3/4" deep for C2.

Fusible Panels - Siemens Quick-Spec Coordination Panelboard

Siemens Fusible Panels provide solutions to selectively coordinate a fused electrical distribution system simply and cost effectively. Not for applications requiring AFCI protected circuits.

  • Panelboards for commercial/industrial branch or service entrance applications on systems up through 600Vac.

  • The SQSCP is especially designed to address the NEC ®  Selective Coordination Requirements for Emergency, Legally Required Standby, Healthcare Essential Electrical and Critical Operation Power Systems (COPS) per NEC ® 700.28, 701.27, 645.27, and 708.54.

Power Panels - Siemens P4/P5 Series

Siemens Power Panels are ideal for downstream distribution or service entrance equipment in an electrical system. The P4 and P5 Panels offer a wide array of factory-assembled options and have the ability to mix breaker frames in their respective unit space.

  • The P4 Panel is a medium sized footprint distribution panel to fit a large number of applications that require more or larger branch devices and higher amp ratings than the Lighting Panel class offers. The P4 Panel has unit space for up to 800 amps and fusible switches up to 200 amps.

  • The P5 Panel is the largest footprint distribution panel
    in the Siemens panel family. It is the most flexible
    panel, being able to mix fused switches and circuit breakers. It also contains the new high density 2-pole kit for BL/BQD and xGB breakers saving up to 50% of unit space. The P5 Panel has unit space for up to 1200 amps and fusible switches up to 1200 amps.

Siemens Panelboards with Advanced Branch Circuit Monitoring Capability

Siemens has taken Branch Circuit Monitoring to a new level by combining the SEM3TM-Embedded Micro Metering Module Technology with Siemens P2, P4, and P5 Panelboards. The SEM3 system can be factory installed in unit space in type P2, P4, and P5 Siemens Panelboards.

The Siemens SEM3 system can be configured for factory installation in branch circuit monitoring applications using the Siemens COMPAS configuration tool. This option can lower the installation time of the system for the installer while providing a factory warrantied solution.

California Title 24 and other Disaggregation Applications

Siemens has designed an easy to install, compact solution with CT Provisions for metering segregated loads within P2 Panels with up to 400A bus in a 20" wide x 7.75" deep Type 1 or NEMA 3R enclosure. See "Easy" features below.

  • Easy to group loads as needed.

  • Easy to Configure and order in COMPAS.

  • Easy to install CT's on bus up to 400A.

  • Easy to select and install fronts for Type 1 Panels - uses same fronts as standard P2 Panels. (Optional NEMA Type 3R/12 Enclosures are available.)

  • These panels have other applications outside of California Title-24. See documents below for more details.

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