Power Mod WMT Test Block Bypass Modules

Commercial Test Block Bypass Meter Stacks (type WMT) are designed to meet the requirements of those utilities specifying test block bypass meter sockets for commercial applications in areas subscribing to the EUSERC standards.

Technical Data

Quick Reference

  225A 1-3 positions

  1200 A thru bus rating

  UL Standard #’s UL67

  UL file # E27100 

  AIC Rating (100k)


    -  Single phase 120/240V AC max

    -  3 in 1 ph. out 120Y/208V AC max

    -  Three phase 240V AC max

  All swing latches and rivets are stainless steel

  NEMA 3R rated 

  G90 galvanized steel ANSI 61 paint

  EUSERC drawing numbers 304 and 305

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