Power Mod Residential Meter Stacks

Power Mod’s core offering of Residential Meter Stacks, type WMM, offers the widest product offering and flexibility in the industry. Each meter stack houses the QuickSystem™ features to maximize productivity and minimize labor costs. To aid in productivity and labor cost reductions our 225 Amp meter stacks feature a new breaker - the “QS”. The QS breaker adds to the Siemens exclusive feature set on our new 225 Amp Residential Meter Stacks.

Benefits of the “QS” include:

  • An exclusive 6 high 225 Amp meter stack at the same height as our 125 Amp meter stack -225 to 125 conversion: No conversion kit needed.

  • Single right hand bend wiring - saves time and wire

  • 100K AIC offered from 100 up to 225 Amps

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