PowerMod Multi-Family Metering with QuickSystem™

QuickSystem™ Features

Contractor-focused features, robust quality, dependable service, & exclusive products are what defines Siemens Power Mod. The new standard in multi family metering. QuickSystem showcases the key strengths of Power Mod through 5 labor saving features:


A Siemens exclusive feature, QuickConnect reduces bussing connections from many to one - ensuring a single reliable connection instead of multiple connections.


Eliminates the need for time consuming torque readings, this breakaway nut provides the correct indication of torque of the QuickConnect. When tightened, the outerhead twists off at the proper torque for connection, leaving a single nut for future maintenance.


A Siemens exclusive feature, QuickBolt eliminates the requirement to line up mechanical connections - instead bolts remain retracted until the openings line up- allowing the bolts to protrude thru automatically. Springs push the bolts thru and provide positive pressure to keep bolts in place while wing nuts are attached and tightened.


A Siemens exclusive feature, QuickRoll eliminates the typical metal brackets for mounting modules to the wall. Instead of metal scraping metal QuickRoll allows themodule to glide down the mounting rail via a durable nylon wheel inside a mounting bracket.


Each individual meter position can be phased independently according to the users needs. QuickPhase allows the user the ultimate flexibility to adjust to each individual application.

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