PAK Metering - WEP

Siemens all new Uni-PAK Metering offers maximum flexibility and ease of installation to meet the service requirements of multiple position metering projects. The outdoor/indoor devices are available in two through six gang set-ups which consist of a pull section with main lugs or stud terminations, and 4/5 jaw meter sockets with tenant circuit breaker provisions.

The attractive Uni-PAK devices accept overhead or underground service terminations and are designed fro wall-hung surface or semi-flush mounting.

The devices are factory per-bussed in a compact enclosure to ensure ease of handling and installation and to maximize wall-space efficiency.


Ringstyle EUSERC

  • Individual split covers UL Listed for 60 / 70 degree Celsius conductors. See equipment markings  - for applications

  • For small apartment buildings, small professional and commercial buildings

  • Completely self-contained meter centers

  • Two to six 125A and 225A breaker positions

  • Outdoor surface mounted enclosures

  • Compact, pre-bussed, easy to handle, hang and wire current-carrying parts

  • AI/Cu lay-in lugs, except two socket units

  • Top or bottom feed

  • Bottom and rear branch wiring exits (Neutral and ground at bottom only)

  • ANSI #61 light gray electrodeposited paint on zinc-coated G90 steel

  • Meets EUSERC specifications when NEMA stud kit and flushing ring (if required) is field added

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