Power Mod BFT Main Feed Thru Modules

Main Breaker Module to Supply and Isolate Power Vertically to Downstream Group Metering Line Ups

The BFT is a main breaker module for the Power Mod group metering line up that has the ability to isolate power to side-mounted modules like any other Power Mod main breaker module, but also contains feed-though lugs that can be used to supply and isolate power vertically to downstream group metering line ups.

Imagine a four-story building designed with a group metering line up on each floor. If the total load is between 1,200 and 2,000 amps, one BFT module can be placed on the first floor as the main for the first floor’s meters and the service entrance main for the entire building using feed-through tapboxes on the second and third floors and a standard breaker main or WTB tapbox on the fourth floor.

The BFT can be used to get around an obstruction such as a doorway, fire safety equipment, etc. The Main Feed Thru is grounded for service entrance applications from the factory, but the bond can be removed for non-SER applications.

Features include:

  • QuickSystemâ„¢ features

  • Incoming & Outgoing Power Mod thru bus

  • Standard compression lug capability

  • 65K AIC standard, 100K AIC available for all models

  • Main breaker with broad ampacity ratings from 1200A to 2000A

  • Field installable shunt trip

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