Siemens Offers Integrated Solutions for Renewables

Siemens Microinverters

Siemens Microinverters are the ideal solution for inverting Solar PV power from direct current (DC) to utility compatible alternating current (AC) in residential and commercial applications. With the Siemens system, each solar module is inverted independently, improving overall performance. The system is efficient, simple, scalable, safe and is accompanied by the most advanced monitoring in the solar industry. Please click here to review the brochure.

Please note: On October 22, Siemens announced that it would discontinue its solar business offered out of the Solar & Hydro division of Siemens Energy sector. However, Siemens will continue to offer suitable products for solar thermal and photovoltaic power plants, such as steam turbines, generators, grid technology and controls systems as well as solar applications for residential and commercial infrastructure that are produced outside of the Energy sectors’ offerings. Siemens Microinverter products as well as Solar Safety Switches and Solar Meter Combinations are not affected by this announcement, and will continue to be provided to you by Siemens Low and Medium Voltage Division. This announcement also does not affect the Solar PPA program from Siemens Infrastructure and Cities sector, Building Technologies Division, where Siemens designs, builds, owns and operates commercial size solar projects.

Microinverter System Components

Click here for detailed information on the Microinverter System Components, including Microinverters, Cabling and Monitoring

Microinverter Applications

Microinverters improve the effectiveness of residential, commercial, and campus solar solutions. To see how Microinverters can improve the Return on Investment (ROI) for home and business owners, Click here.

Microinverter Systems Features and Benefits

  • Click here to find out how the Microinverter system produces more energy, is safer, and more flexible than traditional solar inverter systems.

  • The Siemens Microinverter also comes with a best in class 25 year warranty! See the full terms of the warranty here.

  • See how the Siemens Microinverter can save over $1.50 per watt over the lifetime of the system compared to traditional string inverters. Click here for the full document.

Training Opportunities

Siemens can offer a variety of training options, from short online webinars, to multiple day hands on training. To receive more information on training and how to schedule, please contact:

We also have a free online STEP course on the basics of solar and microinverters. Improve your knowledge of solar here!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

See how Siemens helped Extreme Makeover: Home Edition eliminates the Hurston Family's electric bill.

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