Save up to $10 per Microinverter on commercial projects

97.9 kW microinverter installation by Paradise Energy Solutions in Laurel, DE
61.4 kW microinverter installation by Lenape Solar in McClure, PA

Includes projects with greater than 100 inverters or any 208 Vac 3 phase systems.
Funds are limited and will only run till the end of May 2014 so contact your local Siemens rep today!

 Siemens Commercial Project Pricing Program, how to qualify for the $10 per inverter:

  • $2 per inverter for 215 W MC4 style

  • +$7 bonus per inverter if you use the 215 W Tyco style

  • +$1 bonus per inverter if you buy an equivalent or greater number of 208 cable drops from Siemens

Follow these 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out the Project Application form for the Siemens Rebate program

  • Step 2: Work with your Siemens representative to get special project pricing for the amounts above

  • Step 3: Contractor installs system with greater than 100 inverters or 3 phase and uses Enlighten for monitoring

  • Step 4: Systems will be verified 90 days after sale and those not on Enlighten will be debited the special project amount

Terms and Conditions

Siemens Commercial Rebate Program

  • Programs only applicable for units sold after December 1, 2013 and before May 31, 2014

  • Promotion rebate will occur in the form of a one time special project pricing. You must work with your Siemens representative to get this pricing implemented on the original Purchase Order

Overview Flyer

Sign up now:

You can also download the sign up forms as a pdf and submit it via email to or fax to (678) 297-8187.

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