Siemens Meter Mains

Meter Mains

Siemens Meter Mains are UL Listed and available from 100A to 400A services. These Meter Mains utilize a cost effective construction that is preferable in non-EUSERC areas.

Over-Under Construction

These Siemens Meter Mains feature a classic over-under construction. Available in 100A and 125A versions.

Side-By-Side Construction

These Meter Mains utilize a cost effective side-by-side construction. Meter Mains combine a socket to the left and main circuit breaker section to the right. The main breaker section includes 2 to 6 circuits.

Features and Benefits

Surface Mount Meter-Mains

Design/Performance Features:

  • 1-Phase, 3-Wire 120/240V AC

  • UL listed, Suitable for use only as service entrance equipment.

  • 22,000 AIC rated on most products.

  • 100A, 125A, 150A, 200A and 320A continuous ratings available.

  • Horn bypass and Lever bypass products available.

  • 5th jaw factory installed or available as Accessory kit for most products.

  • Side hinged door with one screw removal on many products.

  • Pad locking provisions on all devices.

  • RX type (or) HD type hub provision on top end wall on all Overhead Feed Devices.

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