Siemens EUSERC Meter Mains

EUSERC Meter Mains

Siemens EUSERC Meter Mains are UL Listed and available from 100A to 400A services. These meter mains utilize designs that meet EUSERC requirements. Two constructions are available.

Side-By-Side Construction

These Siemens Meter Mains have a side-by-side construction that is slightly larger in order to meet EUSERC requirements.

Side-By-Side 400A Construction

These Siemens Meter Mains have side-by-side construction that meets EUSERC design, and provide 400A service.

Features and Benefits

EUSERC Compliant Side-by-Side Meter-Main Breaker

Design/Performance Features:

  • 1-Phase, 3-Wire 120/240V AC

  • UL listed & designed to meet EUSERC standards

  • 22,000 AIC Rated, Suitable for use only as service entrance equipment

  • 100A, 125A, 150A, 200A and 320A continuous ratings available

  • Underground Feed Applications (some with OH provisions)

  • Load wiring may exit top or bottom

  • Pad locking provisions on all devices

  • Surface and semi-flush units available

  • Side hinge door removable by backing out only one screw

Commercial Type BY Meter-Main Combinations

Design/Performance Features:

  • Outdoor/Indoor - one design for either installation.

  • Ring Type - meets requirements for various ring type locking provisions.

  • Test Block Bypass Installed - easy servicing without interruption.

  • Main Breaker Field Installed - adaptable to the job.

  • Main T-Fuse puller factory installed (less fuses) - adaptable to the job.

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