Sm@rtGearTM Low Voltage Switchgear


What is Sm@rtGear LVS? It is pre-configured and pre-programmed low voltage switchgear with the ability to integrally support remote monitoring, configuration and control of embedded intelligent devices through two way real-time communication between the user and the apparatus. The two way real-time communication is achieved by using a single interface point (HMI) that provides an easy to use gateway to the embedded intelligent devices. The HMI GUI (graphical user interface) provides a consistent look and feel that provides seamless access and control of the intelligent devices. The power of the intelligent devices remains but the interface inconsistencies are eliminated. Users don’t have to worry about reading or remembering different user manuals that are normally required to utilize the different intelligent devices.


Intelligent devices (circuit breakers, relays, meters, etc.) have existed for over 30 years.  These intelligent devices are self monitoring, configurable and communicating, but individually they are only islands of intelligence. Historically integrated remote monitoring, configuration and control have only been available with the inclusion of upstream PMCS, PCS, DCS or SCADA systems. With the advent of Sm@rtGear, remote monitoring, configuration and control become standard features that are integral to the electrical apparatus product.

Available information from Sm@rtGear LVS includes:

  • Existing configuration (breaker settings, relay settings, etc.)

  • Power monitoring data (breaker and/or meter)

  • Self-diagnostic data

  • Preventative/predictive maintenance data

  • Environmental data (temperature, humidity, etc.)

  • Arc flash hazard data

  • Product documentation

Available input from users includes:

  • Configuration modification

  • Control commands (open/close/activate/deactivate)

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