Load Centers

Load Center Products at Siemens

Load centers (also known as fuse boxes or breaker boxes) distribute electricity to all devices throughout a house or apartment, including HVAC systems, light switches and power outlets. Siemens has a variety of load centers to fit your power distribution needs.

From small load centers, riser panels and three phase load centers, to the PL and ES Series Load Centers™, Siemens has the highest quality, most complete offering on the market. Siemens load centers offer the following features and benefits:

  • UL Listed (UL67 Line Terminal Barrier update)

  • The patented feature INSTA-WIRE allows for faster installation because screws are backed out, ready for wire insertion.

  • Visible neutrals make insertion of neutral conductors easier.

  • Neutral, ground, breaker, trim, bond screw, upper pan adjusting, and wire binding screws come with a slot/square combination head.

  • Pre-positioned bond screw makes bonding a snap.

  • Trim mounting tabs free up both hands to install the trim.

PL Series Load Center

Siemens introduces PL Series Load Centers™ - a new high quality and feature-rich line of load center products to meet applications for virtually every need.

Generator Ready Load Center

The Siemens Generator Ready Load Center, while being a minimal expense over standard load centers, can save the homeowner thousands of dollars in future generator installation expense.

Specialty Load Centers

Siemens offers a variety of Specialty Load Centers that will meet the needs of your job. Whether you're installing a spa or building a high-rise apartment building, Siemens has you covered.

WireGuideTM Load Center

WireGuideTM Load Centers and Electronic Breakers offer more than 4 inches of breaker wire bending space, which makes the ES WireGuide Load Center 7.7% faster to install than the competition.

ES Series Load Center

The new Siemens ES Series Load Center™ is the smart choice for contractors when value and quick installation are of highest priority.

Riser Panel Load Center

Riser panel load centers are ideal for high rise applications. The shifted interior provides room for conductors to pass through the load center.

Renovation Interior Kit

Siemens renovation interior kit is added to the residential portfolio to attend existing installations where removing an enclosure is impractical or costly.

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