Siemens Generator Ready Load Center

The Siemens Generator Ready Load Center, while being a minimal expense over standard load centers, can save the homeowner thousands of dollars in future generator installation expense. The load center is provided with two interiors, both being powered by the utility power supply. Critical circuits are placed in the lower interior, which is backed up by a generator in the event of a power outage. Providing back up to critical circuits only greatly reduces the size and expense of the generator required.

Technical Data


  • NEMA 1 or 3R

  • Combination Surface/Flush Trim - included with every load center.


  • 30 spaces, 42 circuits powered by utility

  • 18 spaces, 30 circuits are backed up by generator

  • 225A main lug or 200A main breaker options

  • Main lug convertible to main breaker with use of main breaker kits MBK150A, MBK200A, and MBK225A for Siemens; MBK150M, MBK200M, and MBK225M for Murray

  • Tin-plated copper bussing

  • Fits between standard 16" center studs

  • 22k AIC rated

Branch Breakers

  • Type QP, QT, QAF, QPF, QE, QN, QNR

  • Higher interrupt ratings for above listed breakers also can be used for branches

Transfer Switch Features:

  • Transfers load from utility to generator for pre-selected circuits

  • Can be installed at time of generator installation

  • Compatible with Siemens, Generac, Guardian and Centurion brand Generators

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