WireGuide Load Centers

Join us in first class where Siemens WireGuide offers more room than ever.

Tired of no space and constant clutter? Tired of cramped hands? A little extra space goes a long way.

Experience the first in its class Siemens WireGuideTM Load Center and Circuit Breakers which offer all of the upgrades and none of the hassles.

This Load Center has over 4 inches of clutter free gutter space making installation quick and painless. Full length neutral bars on both sides of the load center offer flexibility in circuit placement. The electronic Circuit Breakers come complete with pre-trimmed neutral wires, eliminating installation steps. The neutral wire seamlessly slides into the neutral bar as the breaker is being installed allowing for a secured bolted connection. The breaker features an "Oops Loop" providing extra wire if needed in the event of over-torquing. Upgrade your service to save time and effort with Siemens WireGuide Load Center and Circuit Breakers.

Review the Features and Benefits Video below to learn more about this exciting new load center line.

  • Load centers accept new AFCIs with shortened neutrals that slide directly into the neutral bar

  • Over 4 inches of wire bending space

  • 11 SKUs each available in both grey and white

  • Pre-trimmed and ready to install neutrals have an “Oops Loop” if extra wire is needed

  • Full length neutral bars

  • Decreased installation time

  • Pre-trimmed breakers available in Dual Function and AFCI

WireGuide Load Centers - Photo Gallery

Over 4" of wire-bending space

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