Lighting Controls Business Discontinuation -

Please note: Siemens Low Voltage & Products has exited the lighting control business.
In 2012 we began this process with the phase out of LCP3000EZ. We are continuing this process by announcing the phase out of i-3 Control Technology.
It is important to point out that Siemens is not exiting lighting control entirely. Our sister division Siemens Building Technologies supports a lighting control product called Gamma Lighting Control.

Features and Benefits


  • Network up to 10 panels with simple twisted pair, no additional hardware or software required

  • Relays have built-in timing circuits designed to provide time delays, without the need of a time clock.

  • System can be configured to accept remote manual override using an automatic signal, a manual switch or pushbutton.

  • System can communicate with most building automation systems via Microsoft OPC protocol, with optional web access and appropriate software.


  • 3 sizes of standard panels: 16-relay, 32-relay and 48-relay maximum.

  • Output relays come in blocks of 8, and can simultaneously accept multiple voltages within the same block.

  • Input modules can be configured to accept momentary (pushbutton) or maintained (switch) inputs.


  • System is easy to configure via RS-232 port

  • Optional time-clock is password protected to prevent tampering with schedules.


  • System carries full 2-year warranty.

  • World-wide usage has proved 99.92% reliable based on over 1,000,000 units/10 years of operation under load.

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