Lighting Controls Business Discontinuation -
Phase out of i-3 Control Technology V2

Please note: Siemens Low Voltage & Products has exited the lighting control business.
In 2012 we began this process with the phase out of LCP3000EZ. We are continuing this process by announcing the phase out of i-3 Control Technology.

It is important to point out that Siemens is not exiting lighting control entirely. Our sister division Siemens Building Technologies supports a lighting control product called Gamma Lighting Control.

The following is what to expect during this phase out process of i-3:
1. No new system orders will be taken after September 30, 2014.
2. Requirements for replacement parts will continue to be supported for product under warranty. The timing of the support is calculated based on existing warranty commitments as well as expected normal product mortality life.

If you have any questions about this announcement or have the need for replacement parts for an existing system please contact your Siemens sales representative for more information and assistance.

Features and Benefits

Siemens i-3 Control Technology™ has three key elements, integration, installation and interface.  Integration provides control into as many as 8 panels in a standalone system or 247 panels networked with a building automation system.  i-3 provides a lighting control solution using the industry’s smallest control breaker lighting panel with Siemens cutting edge technology.  Installation, the use of modularity with standard product, reduces the labor and wiring complexity over traditional designs all while interfacing with global communication protocols.


  • Smallest Controlled Breaker panel footprint – Fits into a 20”x 44” standard lighting panel

  • Fit up to 2 panels with 42 circuits each in one section of an IPS Switchboard

  • Retrofitable into existing Siemens P1 Panel


20 2-wire digital inputs

2 analog inputs and outputs on every panel

Modular Design:

    - Standard BQD breakers controlled with a SIPod

    - Rated for 500,000+ operations

    - 65K AIC Rated

    - Emergency Lighting Control Solution (EPod) available late summer 2008



MODBUS, EIB and dry contact capable

USB Interface for uploading and downloading panel configurations

Integrated Touch Panel w/ intuitive commissioning setup wizards (no PC required)


    - 50 independent schedules

    - Unlimited Holiday Overrides

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