Generators Designed to Weather a Power Outage

Many homeowners are turning to portable or permanent standby generators as emergency power sources.

In today’s fast pace society and technological age, keeping your power on all the time is a must! For your home you do not want to lose power to your refrigerator, TV, air conditioning/heating, or even your outlets. Just think of all the money and information you would lose out on if your power went out. Your food would spoil, medications that need to be kept cold would go bad, you would not be able to track dangerous weather headed your way, you would not be able to cool or heat your home, you would not be able to power your cell phones up, and the list goes on and on.

However there are steps that a homeowner can take to avert all of these risks. Siemens offers Standby Generators that permanently attach to your home and automatically switch to generator power when utility power is lost when paired with an automatic transfer switch (ATS).

Home owners have the choice between 8 – 22kW single phase air cooled generators and 50 – 100 amp automatic transfer switches (ATS) with service disconnect options.

Generators are an engine used to create electricity and run on natural gas or liquid propane vapor. They are permanently attached to your home via a fuel line and hard wired into the load center or panel board. It has been designed and tested to endure the elements and restores your power to preselected circuits or your entire house when utility power is lost. The generator is a motor and therefore needs to run and do weekly self tests and also needs basic maintenance like oil changes, air filter changes and radiator fluid.

Automatic transfer switches (ATS) provide the mechanism for transferring power between utility and generator service and are engineered with Digital Power Management (DPM) technology. They have the ability to cycle on and off two air conditioners without adding additional components.

Standard Features

  • UL 2200 Listed

  • Four-cycle industrial engines provide durable, reliable, long life

  • Operate on either natural gas or propane vapor

  • Composite mounting pad approved to eliminate need to pour concrete pad

  • Automatic high temperature, low oil pressure, over speed, and over crank shutdown

  • Low battery voltage indicator

  • Standard safety fuse

  • Provided with Type “E”, Evolution  controller

Product Offering

  • 8 – 22 kW

  • Steel or Aluminum enclosures

  • 5 year warranty

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