VersiCharge Residential EV Charging Solutions

The Siemens VersiCharge line of Electric Vehicle Charging systems is the industry’s most flexible and versatile offering. These Level 2 (240 VAC) charging stations offer unparalleled usability, safety, energy management, and affordability. Read below for details on the offering and how these devices can improve your electric vehicle experience.

Interested in controlling your charger with a smart phone app or understanding your power usage data? See solutions for the VersiCharge SG Unit here.

Delay EV charging

Delay Charging Button

Many utilities offer large discounts for charging during off peak hours. With the press of a button, you can delay charging up to 8 hours from the time of plug-in.

Highly Compatible

Compatible with all plug-in electric vehicles (SAE J1772 vehicle plug)  In addition, Siemens has tested VersiCharge for compatibility with the following electric vehicles.

EV charger for outdoors and indoors

Weather Proof Enclosure

The NEMA 4 enclosure of the Universal VersiCharge model is one step better than the NEMA 3R enclosures on the market and can be mounted indoor or outdoor.

3 Year Limited Warranty

We stand behind our products with 24 hours phone support and a leading 3 year warranty, regardless of who installs the product. For more info, visit the Support tab. Read full warranty details.

Extra long EV charging cord

20ft Charging Cord

The extra long charging cord can be stored by wrapping around the enclosure.

Amperage Adjustment

Installing electrical vehicle chargers into older homes can be a challenge. With the Siemens VersiCharge, the EVSE power output can be adjusted to match facility capability. Increments range from a maximum power setting of 7.2 kW down to 1.8 kW.

Comparison of VersiCharge Charge Time and Level 1 and Level 2 20 A Chargers

By upgrading to VersiCharge which is Level 2 (240 V) Charging Station, you can cut your charge time by up to 70% versus the Level 1 (120 V) charger included with your car. Not only that but the Siemens VersiCharge is a 30 amp Level 2 unit which can charge up to 40% faster than 16 amp Level 2 units available from some competitors.

Level 1: 110/120 Volt Charger

Level 2: 220/240 Volt Charger
20 A Max

Level 2: 220/240 Volt
30 A Max (VersiCharge)

Charging Time


10 minutes




30 minutes




60 minutes




2 hours




4 hours




6 hours




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