VersiCharge Residential Solutions

Enhance your at home charging experience with our level 2 electric vehicle charger portfolio

Now offering more options than ever, VersiCharge remains the top choice for residential charging needs whether the unit is to be installed outdoor or indoor by use of a receptacle or hardwired. The variety of features which are standard in all of our units make charging your EV convenient and reliable whether you interact with your EV charger manually or from anywhere using our SmartPhone app.

  • Does your utility offer installation rebates or lower rates? Check here!

VersiCharge Residential SG

Smart Residential EV Charger
  • Smart!

  • Monitor and control your charger from anywhere with the Siemens VersiCharge SG smart phone app that allows you to access all of the convenient features while on the go

  • Same features you have loved about VersiCharge for years combined with smarter capabilities to enhance your EV experience

  • Integrated metering provides you easy access to your daily power consumption history and associated cost

VersiCharge Residential

VersiCharge Residential EV Charger
  • Simple and straight forward

  • Install using the provided plug or hardwire your installation

  • Lower your electricity bill by delaying your charge with the touch of a button

  • 60% recycled material

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