IEC Miniature Circuit Breaker

IEC style miniature circuit breakers (MCB), according to ENNEC 60 898, are not always permitted in North America. For this reason, MCBs were developed that were based on the miniature circuit breakers of the 5SY series and met the special requirements of UL 489. Within the sphere of influence of NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) MCBs are certified as a solution for protective applications and can be used for branch circuit protection in the branches of control panels and systems.The connection terminals are designed for the class: "Field wiring". This means that, as well as being installed in a factory, the MCBs can be installed locally at customer sites. In addition to the permissible tripping ranges according to UL 489, device tipping characteristics C and D to ENNEC 60 898 have also been adapted. Therefore, the MCBs comply with both standards.

Certifications and Standards

  • UL Listed, Certified to Canadian Standards, CE

  • UL 489

  • CSA 22.2 No. 5-02

  • HACR

  • IEC 60 898

Features - Common

  • Suitable for Reverse Feed Connections

  • Touch Protection to EN 50274

  • Visible Indicator for ON and OFF/Trip

  • Smaller Size than Traditional MCCBs

  • DIN Rail Mounting (35 mm)

  • Identical Wire Screw Connections on Line and Load Sides

  • Busbar & Busbar Accesories (UL Recognized to File E321559)

Features - UL 489

  • Suitable for Branch Circuit Protection & Feeder Applications

  • UL Listed and Certified to Canadian Standards (File E2434140)

  • HACR Rated

  • Thermal Magnetic Protection

  • High Interrupting Rating of up to 14,000 (Type HSJ) or 10,000 (Type NSJ) Maximum RMS Symmetrical Amps; and  DC interrupting ratings of 10,000 Amps

  • 40 C (104 F) Calibration Base (Industrial Applications)

  • Can be used for "field wiring" applications, AWG 14 to AWG 4, Copper (Cu) Only

5SJ4 miniature circuit breakers are also CE marked according to EN/IEC 60 898 making them suitable for use in International applications.

Features - EN/IEC 60 898

  • CE Marked

  • 30 C (86 F) Calibration Base

  • Trip Characteristics B, C and D:

  • B: Designed for the protection of computers and electronic equiptment. Magnetic trip point is 3 to 5 times the MCB rating.

  • C: Designed for general device protection in control circuits and all other miniature circuit breaker systems.

  • D: Designed for high inrush loads.  Magnetic trip point is 10 to 20 times the MCB rating.

  • Rated Voltage of 24 VAC minimum, 440 VAC Maximum and 60 VDC per pole.

  • High Interrupting Rating (Icn) of up to 10,000 Amps

  • 0.75 to 35mm2 Solid and Stranded Conductors

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