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This advisory is to alert you to a potential safety issue with the product listed below. In extreme situations, this issue could lead to property loss or serious personal injury. The Siemens Quality Program requires continuous monitoring of the product performance. This process includes third party certifications, as well as tests and procedures specific to Siemens. We have identified a potential safety issue with 15 through 50 amp circuit breakers.


The products at issue are Siemens and Murray one inch plug-in circuit breakers, single and double pole, 15 through 50 amps, covering the 13 breaker catalog numbers and 10 enclosures (load center and meter combos) which contain these breakers. These Siemens and Murray circuit breakers, with a June 23 and June 28, 2010, may have a non-conforming "spring clip" plug-in assembly that breaks or fails to provide sufficient force to maintain a proper electrical connection in the panelboard.  Over time, this condition could lead to excessive temperature, arcing or thermal damage at the connection point, and potential damage to the panelboard’s electrical insulation. Such activity may, in extreme situations, lead to fire, property damage, or personal injury.

Immediate Safety Actions Required:

In order to ensure that all potentially non-conforming product is captured, all of the affected catalog numbers with affected date codes listed below will need to be quarantined and returned.


Catalog Number

Affected date


Q115, Q120, Q130, Q215, Q230, Q250, MP115, MP115U, MP120, MP130, MP215, MP230, MP230U, MP250

0610, 0710

Load Center

G2020B1100CP, G3030B1100CP, G4040B1200CUSGP, LC4040B1200P, G3040B1200CP, G3040L1200CP, G4040B1200CP, G3030B1150CP, W3040B1200CP

Jun. 23, 2010 – Aug. 25, 2010

Meter Combo


Jun. 23, 2010 – Aug. 25, 2010

Follow-Up Actions:

Please click here to review the official Safety Recall Notice.

  • If you are a Siemens Channel Partner or a direct account with a Siemens Billing Account Number, please click here  for additional information.

  • If you have purchased product from an authorized Siemens Channel Partner or direct account, please click here for additional information.

  • Consumers: If you believe that you may have a suspect breaker installed at your location, please call the Siemens Customer Response Center at 1-800-756-6996 or click here to complete an on-line service request formYou will be given a case number and Siemens will coordinate a site review. Siemens will provide the parts and site service to correct this issue at no charge. We apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may cause you.

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