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QD 3/4" Classified Breakers

Siemens QD breakers are UL listed breakers which utilize the 3/4" format. All QD breakers have 10K AIC rating. The type QD circuit breaker line is available in 1 Pole and 2 Pole common trip versions. The circuit breakers are UL Classified and UL Listed. All QD breakers are supplied with load side connectors suitable for 60/75 degrees C wire and are calibrated for 40 degrees C maximum ambient applications.

UL Classified

Siemens Type QD circuit breakers are UL Classified for use in specific Square D Load centers in place of Square D Type QO(r) circuit breakers. The interrupting rating on these circuit breakers is 10,000A IR maximum and they are not series rated with Square D circuit breakers or equipment. This UL Classification allows a Siemens Type QD circuit breaker to be used in place of a Square D Type QO circuit breaker in specific load centers.

Features and Benefits

Square D QO® Compatible – 3/4” plug-in format.

  • UL Classified for use in place of Square D Type QO circuit breakers in Square D load centers.

  • Economical alternative for replacement or in new construction.

  • HACR and SWD rated.

  • Developed and tested to UL 489; assuring performance equal to or exceeding UL requirements.

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