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Duplex Breakers

Duplex, Triplex and Quadplex Breakers

Siemens QT breakers provide space savings inside the enclosure by delivering two 1/2" breakers in 1" of space. These breakers also have plug-in connections in Siemens enclosures.

Features and Benefits

There are 3 available constructions to choose from:

■  1 Pole 120V Duplex

These space saver duplex breakers combine two independent 1/2" breaker poles in a common unit. This unit plugs into one load center stab and requires one panel space. HACR rated.

■  2 Pole 120/240V Triplex

These space saver triplex breakers provide a 2 pole common trip breaker for 120/240V AC circuits and two single poles for 120V AC circuits. Triplex require two panel spaces. HACR rated.

■  2 Pole 120/240V Quadplex

These space saver quadplex breakers provide two sets of common trip, two-pole breakers for 120/240V AC circuits, and require two panel spaces. HACR rated. 

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