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QS Breakers

The QS breaker adds to the Siemens exclusive feature set in our Power Mod product line. The QS's side-wired design further simplifies installation of the 225 Amp meter stacks by saving wiring space and eliminating difficult "S bends."

QS Breakers

A QS Breaker

Features and Benefits

  • An exclusive side wired design saves wiring space and eliminates difficult "S bends"

  • No need for costly filler plates - QS 225 Amp breaker takes the same space as standard 100 Amp QPs

  • Single right hand bend wiring - saves time and wire

  • Provides 100K AIC flexibility from 100 up to 225 Amps

  • 100K to 10K AIC Series Rating

Technical Data

Side wired to ease in wiring

UL listed

Accepts #3-300kcmil Cu-Al Wire

10K AIC series rating

Designed for residential/commercial applications


For use in Siemens WMM and PAK multi family metering lines

Siemens PowerMod

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