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QN Breakers

The circuit breaker family QN offers the latest in thermal-magnetic circuit breaker design. In this design the handle returns to the center (trip) position similar to our other thermal trip circuit breakers. With a thermal sensing design and blow-off contacts, this circuit breaker offers a higher level of protection because the circuit breaker trip time adjusts to the temperature of the attached wire, while keeping the magnetic characteristic that assures a quick trip under high current conditions.

QN Breakers


Features and Benefits

  • UL listed per UL489

  • 150, 175 or 200A

  • Interrupt rating of 10kA,22kA, or 65kA

  • Branch circuit breaker for Siemens single phase load-center

  • Main breaker for certain meter mains or meter combinations

Technical Data

These circuit breakers are UL listed per Standard 489

Circuit breakers are available from 150 amps to 200 amps

These circuit breakers require 4 panel spaces, 2 adjacent and 2 opposite

120/240V AC

Meets the requirements of the National Electrical Code


circuit-breaker enclosures

metering applications

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