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2-Pole Combination Type AFCI Breakers

Save on Wiring Cost and Installation Time

The residential line of award-winning Combination Type Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (CAFCIs) now includes a 2-pole Combination Type AFCI.

The 2-pole CAFCI was named a "100 Best New Products" for 2009 by Professional Builder Magazine.

The 2-pole device can reduce wiring costs and installation time by enabling contractors to use multi-wire branch circuits, commonly known as "shared neutrals".  When using single pole CAFCIs, a dedicated neutral is required for each circuit. The new 2-pole CAFCI allows electricians to share neutrals between the two circuits fed by the breaker.

Siemens Combination Type AFCIs are equipped with Siemens patented unique LED trip indicators, which help electricians and homeowners pinpoint the type or problems that cause the device to trip.

Show me the Savings

To find out how much you could save in wiring cost by using the new 2-pole CAFCI, go to our Savings Calculator.

Features and Benefits

■ Industry exclusive multi-wiring/shared neutral solution

■ Industry exclusive LED indicators

     - Trip indicators provide a valuable analysis tool to help electricians pinpoint the type of trip.

          ■ The LED indications will appear for 5 seconds each time the AFCI is turned “ON” up to 30 days after the last trip.

          ■ One LED will be illuminated if the last trip was a result of an arcing fault (as indicated on each leg).

          ■ Three LEDs will be illuminated if the last trip was a result of an arcing fault to ground.

          ■ No indication will be displayed if the AFCI trips as a result of an overcurrent condition.

          ■ This last known trip indication can also be cleared from memory to assist with verifying resolution of the problem.

■ Insta-Wire connectors

     - Provide electricians valuable time savings in installation.

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