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VL Motor Circuit Protectors

Siemens instantaneous trip VL motor circuit protectors are recommended for use in combination motor starters to provide selective short-circuit protection for the motor branch circuit.  The adjustable instantaneous trip feature of the Siemens motor circuit protector provides for a trip setting slightly above the peak motor in-rush current.  Each motor circuit protector has six settings to choose from.  With this setting, no delay is introduced in opening the circuit when a fault occurs.  This circuit breaker has no time-delay trip element. Therefore it must be used in conjunction with-and immediately ahead of-the motor-running over current protection device.  Each type VL motor circuit protector accepts the same terminals and accessories as the equivalent VL circuit breakers.  

Features and Benefits

  • Compact size - Reduced dimensions save panel and MCC space, which can reduce the overall system design requirements and therefore material costs.

  • Performance - The most common frames, 150A and 250A, have some of the highest available magnetic settings in the industry, enabling use with today's high efficiency motors.

  • Flexibility - Available with a multitude of available magnetic settings, Siemens has the right product to suit your application. VL motor circuit protectors utilize the same accessories as the standard circuit breakers.

  • High reliability - Most VL components are tested to twice the endurance specified by UL.

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