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VL Molded Case Circuit Breaker Accessories

Geared for OEM applications, the Siemens VL Family of Molded Case Circuit Breakers offers a wide range of internal and external accessories which give you the opportunity to customize your system and adapt it to your specific needs.  All accessories are field-installable. 

Features and Benefits

1. Base for Plug-In or Draw Out

9. Cover Frame for Door Cutout

17. Thermal-Magnetic Trip Unit (525)

2. Interphase Barriers

10. Stored Energy Operator

18. Electronic Trip Unit (545)

3. Rear Terminals

11. Rotary Handle Operator

19. Elec. Trip Unit with LCD (576)

4. Bus Extensions

12. Variable Depth Rotary Operator

20. Communication Module with ZSI

5. Terminal Connections

13. Max Flex Operator

21. Electronic Trip Unit Test Kit

6. Plug-In Terminal Blades

14. VL Circuit Breaker

7. Extended Terminal Shield

15. Shunt Trip or Undervoltage Releases

8. Standard Terminal Shield

16. Auxiliary/Alarm Switches

Siemens offers a comprehensive line of accessories for the VL line of molded case circuit breakers to suit all of your application needs, including:

  • Internal accessories (auxiliary/alarm switches, shunt and undervoltage releases)

  • Operating Mechanisms, manual and automatic

  • Plug-ins and draw-outs

  • Connection options

  • Locking & interlocking

  • Communication/electronic accessories

  • And a whole lot more

Just two families of common internal accessories cover the complete range of VL breakers. The accessories are field installable and conveniently located in isolated pockets behind the front cover. No special tools are required.

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