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Sentron Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Siemens Sentron Series Circuit Breakers have a long history of excellent performance in both the commercial and industrial market segments, they are tried and true in the most critical applications.  Siemens Sentron Series circuit breakers are available in nine frame sizes from 125A to 2000A.

Features and Benefits

  • Global Ratings (UL489, CSA, CE, NOM, HID, HACR, SWD)

  • 15-2000A Ratings (fixed/interchangeable)

  • Field installable external accessories

  • Series connected short circuit ratings

  • Thermal Magnetic & Solid States

  • 100% rated frames available

  • Many sizes for motor circuit protectors & molded case switches

New! Aluminum Lugs for 100% Rated Circuit Breakers (Data Sheet)

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