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Siemens General Application Circuit Breakers

Siemens General Application Circuit Breakers are industrial design thermal-magnetic breakers with valuable features for the global market.  It features breakers like the EG that are well suited for OEM designed equipment in both light commercial and industrial applications. The EG family also includes thermal-magnetic breakers, molded case switches and motor circuit protectors.  It's compact size saves space and reduces overall panel size and its field-installable accessories allow for last minute changes.

Features and Benefits

  • Global ratings (UL / CSA / IEC / NOM)

  • HACR, SWD and HID marked (at applicable ratings)

  • UL listed field installable accessories

  • Removable lugs or ring terminal connectors allow last minute changes on site

  • Ranging from 10KA to 65kA @ 480VAC

  • Compact size (1.0" wide per pole)

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 pole units

  • Over center toggle and trip free mechanism

  • Suitable for reverse feed applications

  • Common trip

  • Voltage ratings of 120V, 240V, 277V, 480V, 600Y/347V AC

  • DC rated up to 250V DC

  • CQD 15A to 100A 480/277V Circuit Breakers

  • NGG 15A to 125A 600/347V Circuit Breakers

  • NEG/HEG 15A to 125A 600/347V Circuit Breakers

  • QJ 60A to 225A 240V Circuit Breakers

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