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BL Type 240V Panelboard Breakers

Circuit breakers provide a manual means of energizing and de-energizing a circuit. In addition, circuit breakers provide automatic over current protection of a circuit. A circuit breaker allows a circuit to be reactivated quickly after a short circuit or overload is cleared. Unlike fuses, which must be replaced when they open, a simple flip of the breaker’s operating handle restores the circuit.

All circuit breakers perform the following functions:

  • SENSE when an over current occurs

  • MEASURE the amount of over current

  • ACT by tripping quickly enough to prevent damage to itself and associated conductors


Internal Accessories

  • 120V Shunt Trip - add suffix 00S01

  • 24V Shunt Trip - add suffix 00S07

  • 120V Auxiliary Switch - add suffix 01

External Accessories

  • 1-Pole Padlocking Device - ECPLD1 or ECQLD3

  • (3) 1-Pole Padlocking Device - ECQTH4

  • 2-Pole Padlocking Device - ECPLD2

  • 2-Pole Padlocking Device (Red Color) - ECPLD2R

  • 3-Pole Padlocking Device - ECPLD3

  • 3-Pole Padlocking Device (Red Color) - ECPLD3R

  • Handle Tie - ECQTH3

  • Mechanical Interlock - ECQML12

  • Handle Blocking Device - ECQL1

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