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Sensitrip IV ETU Breakers with DAS


Sentron Sensitrip IV electronic trip unit circuit breakers include upgraded trip units with optional DAS (Dynamic Arc Flash Sentry) / Maintenance Mode capability to meet NEC 240.87 code compliance for arc energy reduction. They are suitable for use in individual enclosures, switchboards and power distribution panel boards.

  • Frame ratings from 400-1600 A, continuous current settings from 80-1600 A

  • Available in “Advanced” or “Basic” trip unit versions

  • DAS / Maintenance Mode and integrated ZSI (Advanced ETU’s only)

  • 100% rated frames available

  • Identical footprint, accessory offering, kAIC ratings & series ratings as legacy Sensitrip III ETU breakers to ease integration / retrofit

  • Maintenance mode versions require 24 V external power supply , maintenance switch and light (not included)

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