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Siemens QR Circuit Breakers

The Siemens QR Circuit Breaker has a compact design for use in North American markets. Features include the ability to handle higher interrupting ratings and higher inrush currents, as well as available UL listed field installable internal accessories.

QR Molded Case Circuit Breaker Overview

The New Siemens QR Circuit Breaker

A form, fit and function replacement for the QJ breaker.

Design Enhancements

  • Trip unit ratings from 100A to 250A.

  • Field installable internal accessories – shunt trip, aux switch or shunt/aux combo.

  • Two accessory pockets in 3-pole breakers.  One accessory pocket in 2-pole breakers.

  • High in-rush current capability (450%).

  • Push-to-trip button.


Implemented in load centers, panelboards, switchboards, meter centers, and modular metering.

Used by OEMs in control panels and a variety of other 240V applications.

Same form-factor/mounting as QJ for easy retrofit.

Field-installable internal accessories for reduced inventory, modularity, and speed.

High in-rush capability for elevator applications.

Operating Conditions

Standard QR breakers are calibrated at 40°C ambient temperatures. Operation at higher temperatures will require derating.

Enclosures are available for installing QR breakers in factory environments (NEMA 1, 12), as well as outdoors (NEMA 3R, 4X, and 4X 316 Stainless Steel).

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