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3VA52 Circuit Breakers in P3 Lighting Panels

A System Designed With You In Mind

P3 Lighting Panelboard Features

  • 600A max main breaker or 800A max main lug only

  • Up to 45” unit space available

  • Up to six large frame breakers in unit space – total of 225A QR & 250A 3VA52 Breakers (only 6” of unit space for each twin mount kit)

  • Branch area can also have various 100-125A frame breakers: BL/BQD/GB/GB2/ED

  • Subfeed space can include one 400A JD frame or two 250A FD frame breakers in the same panel

  • Small footprint: 24” wide x 7.75” deep (56-80” H)

3VA52 Circuit Breaker Features

  • 480V Delta rated up to 100kA (600V to 35kA)

  • 250A in unit space for first time in P3

  • TM230 Thermal Magnetic Trip included (TMTU)

  • Field-replaceable internal accessories that are shared with entire line of 3VA products

  • Easily configured in COMPAS with all variations available in a P3 Lighting Panelboard

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