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3VA IEC Molded Case Circuit Breaker

A System Designed With You In Mind

It is estimated that over 30 million molded case circuit breakers are installed every year world-wide. They rank among the most important safety components in low-voltage power distribution and are taking on ever more operational tasks.

That's why Siemens has introduced the 3VA circuit breaker.

The 3VA meets both the UL489 and IEC60947-2 standard, so one system can be used globally. The system offers the best preconditions for switchgear manufacturers who export worldwide. Therefore, you can use all functions of the molded case circuit breaker for North American and European plants and be completely confident in full compliance with standards.

Discover the perfect system.

Product overview

The 3VA molded case circuit breaker reliably protects people and facilities and is always the right choice for safe and efficient power distribution. A large number of basic devices and accessories for flexibly expandable add-on functions make the 3VA a well thought out, modular and highly variable system.


  • Breaker offerings from 100A – 630A

  • Thermal Magnetic and Electronic Trip Units (LCD) available

  • High-end ETU capable of power metering

  • Molded case switches available

  • Available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 pole versions

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