SIEMENS WL Low Voltage Power Breakers & Insulated Case Circuit Breakers - Trip Units

During development of our electronic trip units, we have consistently striven to ensure modularity. The following are just some of the modules that are simple to retrofit the trip units themselves at any time:

  • Ground fault protection - optional device that detects fault currents that flow to ground and represent a fire hazard to the system. The adjustable time delay allows selective staggering of consecutively arranged circuit breakers.

  • Communication - via the breaker internal system bus called CubicleBUS, the WL circuit breaker can be connected to additional input and output modules as well as Profibus or Modbus communication modules.  This opens up a range of opportunities to reduce secondary device count/wiring and to increase functionality implemented in power distribution systems.

  • Metering Function - provides a viable alternative to external multi-function measuring instruments in many applications. The internal metering function can measure currents, voltages, power, energy, power factor and frequency.  This function also includes two independent wave form buffers which support harmonic analysis. With these buffers, the current and voltage waveforms can be recorded and detailed diagnostic triggering on events is possible.

  • Displays - different types for various applications are available, i.e. high contrast LCD displays with adjustable angle viewing and background light for inadequate light conditions.

  • Rating plug - replaceable module that enables users to reduce the rated device current for optimum adaptation to the system, e.g. during startup of a plant section.

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