SB Insulated Case Circuit Breakers (Discontinued)

Please be informed that our Siemens brand of SB family of Insulated Case Circuit Breakers has been discontinued.  Although the Siemens SB line of Insulated Case Circuit Breakers has been a Siemens success in the marketplace, we now have a greater success expectation of the SB's successor, The WL. It boasts three compact, more robust frames handling up to 5000A with capabilities of modular trip units with LCDs, rating plugs, metering, ground fault communication modules, and more.  About WL

SB family circuit breakers are now only available as replacements or spares.  We have carefully chosen some of our most popular SB features and accessories sold in the past years and coupled that with certain SB class breakers and placed them in stock for immediate customer replacements when needed.  Custom configured breakers are no longer offered and stock replacement breakers can typically ship in 1-3 business days.  Siemens replacement parts and services will continue to be offered and will not be affected by the breaker discontinuance.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% Continuous Current Rating

  • Precision Metering and Protection Current Sensors

  • Modbus & Profibus Communications

  • Customizable Interlocking

  • Modular Options and Accessories

  • UL Listed and CSA Certified

  • Power Metering Capable

  • Dual LSIG Parametization

  • 200 through 5000 Ampere Ratings

  • Waveform Capture & Harmonic Measurement

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