WL Circuit Breakers (UL 489 & UL 1066)

You want lower operating costs. Less downtime. Better communications. You want to work with fewer parts. In less space. With more sophisticated capabilities. But easier operation. You need the freedom to make last-minute changes. Or take advantage of quick-ship opportunities. And you want it all with the assurance of fit-and forget reliability. It’s a complicated request. So you turn to a new breed of breakers. Suddenly you have unlimited possibilities with steadfast reliability. It’s called the WL Circuit Breaker. And it changes everything.


This highly engineered reliable design offers increased operations and the Extended Instantaneous Protection (pat. pending) function allowing 100% of the full withstand rating of the frame and still providing the ability of the breaker to be applied up to the maximum Interrupting Rating. Highly accurate internal Rogowski CTs allow for precision protection and metering–saving money on down time, field service, and increased customer satisfaction.


Safety-related features such as a visible ready-to-close indicator, customizable interlocking, and mechanical trip indication offer peace of mind.


The compact size and modular configurations save real estate, offering the smallest gear footprint without energy-wasting heat sinks.

Easy to Use

The ease of use–from integrated racking handles, pull - apart front-mounted terminal blocks, and simple selection and application tools–reduces installation time and errors, adds flexibility, and minimizes training.

Speed of Delivery

The plant that produces WL Breakers is strategically located in the geographic center of the North American market to assure that critical shipments speed their way to customers, with some of the shortest lead times in the market.

Modular & Flexible

The modularity and flexibility of front-mounted common plug-in accessories, field upgradable trip units, and field changeable contacts and arc chutes reduce inventory, allow for last-minute adaptations, support quick-ship opportunities, forgive changes, and support the most cost-effective configuration.

System Solution

The system solution offers monitoring and control through Internet, MODBUS, or PROFIBUS communications, supports energy management through advanced metering and quality analysis, allows cellular alarm paging to maintenance personnel, and offers complete ratings and accessories – meeting every need with one design.

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