Siemens Power Circuit Breakers

Siemens UL489 low voltage insulated case circuit breakers are available as fixed mount and draw-out breakers. These breakers are available in 3 frame sizes.

Siemens WL IEC Breakers are designed in accordance with IEC 60947-2 standards. Available from 630A through 6300A.

Siemens UL1066 circuit breakers are designed for use in low voltage switchgear and switchboards. These breakers are for use in applications up to 6000A.

Siemens brand of SB family of Insulated Case Circuit Breakers have been discontinued and are now only available as replacements or spares.

WL Breaker Series Overview

UL 489

UL 1066 (ANSI)



200A - 5000A

200A - 6000A

200A - 6300A

# of Poles

3 Pole

3 & 4 Pole

3 & 4 Pole


UL 489 / CSA C22.2 No. 5-09

UL 1066 / ANSI C37.13

IEC 60947-2

Short Circuit Rating (kA)

65/85/100 (FS1)

65/100/150 (FS2)

100/150 (FS3)

50/65/85/100/200 (FS2)

85/100/150/200 (FS3)

55/65/85 (FS1)

66/80/100/130 (FS2)

100/150 (FS3,3P)

130 (FS3,4P)

Voltage Rating

Up to 600 V

Up to 635 V

Up to 1150 V (AC)

Up to 1000 V (DC)

Operating Cycles

Up to 10,000

Up to 15,000

Up to 20,000

Operating Temp.

-25 to 40 °C

-25 to 40 °C

-25 to 40 °C

Assembled In



Czech Republic





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